Site Drawing

Image 1 :
Dried Indigo Leaf
SaPa. North Vietnam

Image 2 :
Mottisfont Abbey Spring Water
Romsey. England

Image 3 - 4 :
Dried Indigo Leaves
Mottisfont Abbey Spring Water
Dó Paper

The Observatory
Mottisfont, National Trust
Romsey. England

Indigo Leaves harvested and dried from the region of SaPa. North Vietnam. The dried leaves are ground into a fine powder using a Mortar and Pestle. The powder is mixed with water collected from Mottisfont natural spring to create a drawing ink. The ink is applied using finger tips onto the surface of the traditional handmade Dó paper from Hue. Central Vietnam

‘The Observatory’ in association with SPUD Charity, working in partnership with Chapel Arts, Andover and Test Valley Arts Foundation.

Photography Louise Barnfather